AI/ML is sending shockwaves through tech.

In the last few months, we've seen GitHub CoPilot, ChatGPT, and AI-generated content explode.

The core of this AI/ML magic is the model.

Determined AI makes building models faster and easier for ML engineers, data scientists, and researchers.

We want you to build and train an ML model with Determined.

Whether you are an experienced ML engineer or brand new to ML, Determined AI can help you get started.

Determined AI is an open source platform for building and training ML models that features:

  • An easy-to-use web UI, a CLI tool, and multiple APIs
  • Support for PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, and DeepSpeed
  • Scalable hyperparameter search and visualization tools
  • State-of-the-art optimization algorithms
  • Reproduce experiments with artifact tracking
  • Deploy your model with a built-in model registry

Determined AI can run on your machine, in the cloud, or on a supercomputer.

How do you get started with Determined AI?

Determined AI runs best on devices with a performant CPU and/or NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU. We want to make this hackathon accessible to anyone, regardless of access to technology. Hackathon participants can request access to Determined Cloud, a managed hosted instance of Determined, with free access to GPU compute.


What to Build

A machine learning project (complete with deep learning-based model, training loop, evaluation loop, dataset) that works on the Determined AI platform. See the Rules.

What to Submit

  • A model training project leveraging Determined AI
  • A link to the public open-source code repository for the project, including:
    • All code for the project
    • Final model weights
    • A README file containing:
      • Project objective
      • A data sample from your dataset with an explanation
      • A description of your model architecture
      • Instructions for how to run your training job
      • A screenshot of your best metrics from the Determined web UI
      • A description of your evaluation metrics
      • Your evaluation results given these metrics, and
      • Instructions for how to reproduce the evaluation results
  • A link to each dataset used within the project. Datasets must be publicly available for the judges and sponsor to test your project.
  • OPTIONAL: Include a demonstration video of your Project. The video portion of the submission:
    • Should be around three (3) minutes
    • Should include footage that shows the project functioning on the device for which it was built
    • Must be uploaded to and made publicly visible on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, or Youku
    • Must not include third-party trademarks, or copyrighted music or other material unless you have permission to use such material

Hackathon Sponsors


$4,500 in prizes

Grand Prize

$2,500 USD in cash

Runner Up

$1,000 USD in cash

Best Use of Distributed Training

$500 USD in cash

Most Creative

$500 USD in cash

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Neil Conway

Neil Conway
Senior Director Of Engineering, Determined AI

Sohini Roy

Sohini Roy
Senior Developer Relations Manager for AI/ML, NVIDIA

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble
Chief Strategy Officer, Infinite Retina

Jimmy Whitaker

Jimmy Whitaker
Chief Scientist, Pachyderm

Judging Criteria

  • Technological Implementation
    Does the interaction with Determined AI and the API used demonstrate quality model development?
  • Potential Impact
    How big of an impact could the project have on the machine learning community?
  • Creativity
    How creative and unique is the project? Is the machine learning use case not commonly seen?
  • Use of Distributed Training
    Does the Project show the best use of distributed training with Determined?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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